Day 7: Motion Sketch in After Effects

by admin

Today I spent some time with the motion sketch tool (and graph editor) in AE. Here are some of my notes!

–       Turn on in view or is default in the Animation work space

–       Select later and click ‘start capture’ – sketch wont start until you click on layer object

–       Hold down space bar to temp grab hand tool

–       Layer  – transform – auto orient – select orient along path : This orients a layer in motion sketch to rotate to a specific orientation

  • To fix the orientation, use the rational tool – usually this is 0, +90 for a real looking animation

–       ‘G’ Temporarily break key frame

–       special key frames (position) and tempral (speed)

–       To smooth out the speed of key frames over time use roving key frames. To apply, select all keyframes in the graph editor (by selecting the layer) and then right click on key frame and select ‘rove across time’

  • This will stay hold even after you make edits

–       To keep values relative to time, select all key frames and then hold down ‘option’ and drag first or last key frame to change values

–       Remember to use motion blur to make animation more real

  • Turn on for layer
  • Turn on for composition

–       Holding down shift key many times multiplies something by 10 – for instance, holding shift and pushing ‘page up’ will move you 10 frames sooner in the timeline

–       For vector layers, make sure ‘continuous rasterization’ switch is turned on for layer to preserve vector qualities (looks like snowflake)

–       Remember to use hold key frames to maintain key frame value over time

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