Day 6: After Effects Apprentice

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Day 6


Today I did 3 chapters of online training in a program called After Effects Apprentice. I will most likely be doing a lot more of these chapters in the days to come. I learn a great deal about short cuts in AE, key framing, composition, and the graph editor. Here are some of my notes (please note that I’m using a MAC and AE CS4.


–       Title Safe Toggle – use Apostrophe Key to toggle

–       Auto Keyframe mode in AE CS5

–       Center cut is the area that is safe for both widescreen and standard

–       Snap to grids is an option you can turn on in the view menu (can only snap to grids, not to proportional grid)

–       Live Update switch allows results to be showed as you scrub with mouse. Temp override Live Update by holding down option key while scrubbing.

–       Page Up and Page Down keys move frame by frame in timeline

–       Option on Mac and double click key frame it opens the key frame velocity dialog where you can see the speed through key frame numerically

  • Influence is how long should the speed maintain before or after the key from (larger takes more time, shorter is quicker amount of time)

–       Command Key on mac and click on a keyframe will change it to Auto Bezier (smooth motion)

–       Easy Ease shortcut is F9 (need to change this in expose on a mac)

–       Easy Ease is better for endpoints and Auto Bezier for middle.

–       Command + / on mac will center any selected layer in the composition and scale it to 100%

–       When you hold ‘G’ and click on a key frame you use the ‘convert vertex tool’ to add curves to the motion path

–       Command A = select all layers and then press ‘u’ to see all keyframes

–       Diamond icon for key frame represents a linear key frame

–       To open graph editor: hold shift key and press F3

–       ‘show animated properties’ in graph editor to see all keyframes and animations

–       Hold Shift key while dragging time code indicator for ‘snapping’ to key frames

–       Pressing ‘j’ and ‘k’ keys move you between key frames

–       Press the ` key (tilda) to show current frame in full screen

–       Select all keyframe for a layer while in graph view by double clicking a layer

–       Shift/alt click a keyframe to break it

–       Press shift plus a number on the timeline to set a marker

–       Hold command key in graph editor to add a key frame

–       Separate Dimension tool in graph editor is powerful for separating x and y values

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