Day 5: Working with TextMate

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Day 5


Working in TextMate

Today I learned how to use a new text editor tool called TextMate. Until now I’ve used the default mac program ‘Text Editor’ or Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 to edit code. This new program (30 day free trial) provided some cool features.

Here are some notes:

–       Drag Folder into TM to open project

–       Semantic is how well you describe a Website with HTML tags

–       Command + Option + Period = auto close a tag

–       To autofill with lorem text, type = lorem+tab

–       Hold option key and select up to select multiple lines to type on at once

–       <!– Notes can be typed here –>

–       side bar is usually called ‘aside’ in HTML5

–       using CSS, you can usually center something by using ‘margin: 0 auto;’

–       ‘margin: 30px auto 10px;’ means 30px top, auto left and right, 10px bottom

  • works like a clock – top, right, bottom, left

–       adding an image to the background in css: html { background: black url(../images/bg.jpg); }

–       display block: defalt to 100% wide

–       list-style: none;  is the code you use remove bullets from a list in CSS

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