Add an image from media library

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This short flash video from our video series introduces users to how to add an image from the media library to a post or page.

Add image from media library

This video introduces users to:

  • how to add an image from the media library to a post or page using the Add an Image icon in the Visual Editor
  • How to add and edit the image information in the Media Library tab in the Add an Image screen
  • Image alignment and changing image size

And here’s some info about adding images from the media library…

Images that you’ve previously uploaded to your site are stored in your media library.

Adding image to a post or page from your media library is as simple as:

1. Place your cursor where you would like the image to be inserted.

2. Click on Add An Image icon (located on right of Upload/Insert above your Editor).

Add an image icon

3.  Clcik on the Media Library tab and then on Images.

4.  Locate the image you wish to insert and click its Show link.

Click on Show next to the image you want to insert

5.  Now you just need to:

  • type a title for the image
  • add alternate text
  • choose how you want the image align (None, Left, Center or Right)
  • select size of image you want to insert (Thumbnail, Medium, Large or Full Size)
  • and then click Insert into Post

Editing image information before inserting into a post


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