Motion Effects

With years of experience and access to a wide reaching network of professionals inside the video production industry, Pfeiffer Solutions is able to meet the needs of any size project. We specialize is short, affordable promotional videos for services, brands, and individuals that can easily be added to a website or social network for optimal viewership. These video shorts feature cutting edge motion effects and can integrate text, images, and video clips to create a truly engaging user experience. From wedding shoots to feature length promotional pieces, we can provide the planning, equipment, and experience needed to get the job done right. Videos are shot in true HD with professional cameras and our post production studio utilizes the best software in the industry including Final Cut Studio, After Effects, and a number of premium software plugins. Even more, we can deliver the final product in a variety of formats including professionally authored DVD, streaming for your website or social network, and in a variety of digital formats. Need duplication and distribution help? We can handle that too!

Motion Effects are great for:

  • Website and Company Teasers (see ours here) and Promos (see ours here)
  • Splash Pages and Bumpers for Videos (see example on right)
  • Supplement for video work
  • DVD titles, menus, and chapters
  • Spotlight Text, Images, and short media clips
  • Screen Casting and Tutorial Videos
  • Animated Pieces
  • Special Effects (fly-throughs, motion tracking, advanced color correcting, morphing, etc)

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